Khaane mein kya hai? (What’s in menu- lunch/ dinner)


Hi Everyone,

We women have done exceedingly well in all fields but one question that we all struggled, struggling and probably will struggle for days to come to answer is ” Khaane mein kya hai?”.  In fact the most feared and a complicated question for all ladies who cook for their family.  I believe Greece’s economic woes might have an easy solution than our daily tryst with this seemingly easy and unimportant question.   Such is the impact of this issue on our minds that one of the leading spice brand in India has portrayed this situation in their advertisement campaign where they have shown a wife constantly having illusions of her son, daughter and husband posing this dreadful question “what’s in menu today?”.

Not only the question is tricky but working out solution to this problem provide our brains with much-needed exercise – Everyday,  which basically means we over…

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