10,000 Hits : Taking My Bows !

by Sakhi

Dear Reader,

Thank You! These are the two words I can manage to say at this moment. WAIT ! Let me catch my breath and calm my heart. Oh My God! What a heady moment it is. Today some 2600 followers and nearly two months later, I got my 10,000 hits. I got them and let me tell you, I never thought I will. The day I started to write, it seemed like a summit of The Himalayas. A journey I thought I will make in at least a year, or maybe more. I never ever imagined in my wildest of dreams that I will make it. It’s thrilling, exhilarating, euphoric.

If anyone is thinking that I have used some kinda voodoo, then I must say you caught me red handed. I have used a very powerful magic, and that is my beloved father’s blessings. They are with me, guiding me, bringing me to people that would enrich my life with their presence. I know this wasn’t possible without his Midas Touch.

But let me tell you all, it’s not my achievement but your love that brought me this far. If you all hadn’t deemed me worthy and taken the time to visit, read, like, comment, reblog, I wouldn’t have made it this far. It is your support that made a girl like me, who just wrote on losing pieces of scattered paper, collect her wits and pen down something worthy enough for you to read. I am not alone in this journey, some people were there like my constant support. Without them, QuillnParchment might never have happened. It has reached here because of them.

The first one is my friend Sri Satya, you was the one who saw me in darkness, I always tell him that he is the ink in my pen. He inspired me so much, pushed me, pestered me constantly to break my barriers and start a blog. He has been my beta reader ever since, every piece I write, I show to him first, and he despite not being of this field of writing gives me the best feedback. I know that when he decides to write, he will give me a run for my money.

Next is Chiradeep Patra, who is the most humble and helpful person I have met so far in my life. He is an inspiration in every way, and he has played the role of a mentor/godfather to me. He was the one who saw me as a diamond in the coal mine and polished my slowly to make me shine. Today I have his hand on my back as a buck up, and he is my best critic. When he compliments my write ups, I find them worthy. He has a very impactful and noble webzine of his own, works for an NGO, and has a big family and friends, yet he always managed to find time for me.

Next, I would like to give credit to Kalpana, my fabulous writer friend from Belgium, mum, a wife and an amazing person. She has been kind enough to be an Author on my site and helps me keep it up with her excellent articles. I can’t forget to thank Miss Roberta Pimentel, who has a very successful blog of her own but is polite enough to read and reply to all comments. She was kind enough to accept me as a guest writer on her blog, giving me an instant leg up. She wrote one brilliant post in Quill and proved that the greater you get, the more humility you show to other who are still learning to walk.

I would take this opportunity to mention and thank few of my most loyal commenters, Eugenia, She leaves most heartfelt comments. Marshall W Thompson, SR, his comments make you feel connected to him and leave you with a smile. And Miriam Hurdle, her comments have a loving relativity, I feel I know her from before. The best thing I found about blogging is the brilliance of Guest Post. It helped me grow a lot. Last but not the least is Shiva Malekopnath, who has a splendid blog and has a keen eye for music.

The best thing I found about blogging is the brilliance of Guest Post. It helped me grow a lot.I found it is the best way to help each other in the best possible way, giving each other a helping hand, giving that slight nudge up the ladder. Bloggers are great people, they are always eager to help, to advise, to counsel. I love to be a part of this awesome community. It has a Utopia kinda feel, where all live and let live in perfect harmony.

I write daily, sometimes twice daily. There are times when I am unwell or got Writer’s Block and not able to write, but I try to be as regular as possible. Soon I will be bringing Hindi Poetry and Short Stories to my blog too. I hope you all will keep showering me with your love and blessing like you have been doing until now. With your support I see myself making the One Lac hits posts in the near future 🙂 Hope you people make this dream come true as I keep working towards trying to bring better and best write ups to you.

Thank You !!!

Warm Regards


27 thoughts on “10,000 Hits : Taking My Bows !

  1. Don’t you just love those events that make your pants want to get up and dance and make your liver feel a quiver. Thank you for your kind words about me. I greatly enjoy the “ART” of conversation. In my case , I would rather hear than speak. I know about me. I want to know who you are. I often mourn at the loss of face to face sit downs. Body language tells you more than a 1000 words. Peace, Marshall

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    1. Thank you so much dear. 78 is a good number, I thought I will never get past two, that two being my friends. All peaks are started from base, you will make it I m sure. Happy Winters and Keep Smiling ❄️🌹😊


    1. Thank you so much dear. I used to think exactly like you. Like I can never do it, now, I am amazed how it happened. Just have faith and do everything you can do, rest, results will be in your favour. Happy Blogging and Keep Smiling 🙏❄️🌹😊

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      1. Sakhi My Dear Friend thanks for feeling so.
        I would be happy if you could spell my surname as Malekopmath not as Malekopnath , it is math not nath . I shall tell you some other time of the details. It is connected to the Math of Maths what we call for spiritual Maths or in north India they spell it as mutt. Religious math.
        I hope you could understand.



  2. wow, what an achievement in such a short duration, i am so happy and proud of you dear. One thing is i am sure you have your father”s blessings and you will have them all your life. To have a friend like you, its an achievement in itself. you inspire and you support so much. When i first met you for some reason, i was so sure that you got great ability to write or to spin stories and play with words. You make it look like an art, ofcourse its an art, carefully crafting and captivating readers interest and winning each persons heart. Keep going strong my dear, no stopping you. You should reach many more heights. Good luck, keep writing and happy blogging.

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    1. Thank you so much Sri. 😊 Papa is always working things out for me, magically removing my obstacles, making way for me, showing me the right path and making me meet the right people. ✌🏻️ Well, like I said when we met I just had ideas, you have helped me a lot in materializing them. I write from heart, try to stay honest in my words, rest all my talents in the eyes of my readers, in their hearts. Thank you for being such a well wisher Sri. Hope the coming year brings success and joy in your life. And then you have to take your blog to new heights. 😊🌹❄️👌🏻

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