Myths and Facts about Mental Illness !

Individuals often look at mental illnesses as being due to personal failings rather than as medical illnesses like diabetes, heart disease or cancer like these are. These myths have to be replaced by facts about mental illness if we are to tackle the stigma associated with these illnesses and enable patients to receive early and evidence-based treatments. These illnesses are associated with significant interpersonal, occupational and individual difficulties including higher rates of death from suicide and non-suicide cases. Unfortunately, less than 30% of individuals with mental illness receive adequate treatment due to various factors an important one being the myths that exist about mental illness. These include myths about the causes of mental illness including personal responsibility as well as the treatments for mental illness.


9 thoughts on “Myths and Facts about Mental Illness !

  1. Good take on psychiatric Illness, unfortunately In India and other developing countries there isn’t much awareness about psychiatric Illness and some stigma associated with it. People don’t come out to speak about it or seek help.

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  2. You are NOT your mental disorder 

    You are not your mental disorder. You are not your inability to read and write. You are not the social anxiety that leaves you feeling isolated and a product of alienation in a world where couples is the new norm. You are not the depression that cripples you and leaves you crying and thinking obsessively of self harm at three in the morning on the bathroom floor. You are not the voices you hear telling you to destroy. You are not the anger , the betrayal, the bitterness and the drowning. You are not a replay button of all the horrifying experiences and painful memories you’ve ever had. You are not your molest- you are instead a survivor of it.You are a Beautiful warm sunshine in a world full of dark dreary gloomy days. You are a rainbow , a paradox ,a haiku ,the moonlight shining on a still lake. You are the books you read , the music you listen , the love you give and deserve , the movies you watch . You are the things you eat, the air you breathe and the places you travel to. You are the photos you take and the poems you write. You are the smile you bring on other people’s faces, the masterpieces you create 

    So repeat after me and believe me when I say



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