Candles Online

I was going through a rough patch of my life and had nothing better to do. Had exploited all PC games, was bored off being creative, wanted to do nothing, even my favourite pastime, book reading too, seemed a tedious task. Nothing was exhilarating. Nothing appeared to excite me anymore. I was sitting idle when I decided to clean my room. Suddenly I realised, my cupboard was full of books, and all were kept haphazardly. So, I decided I needed to buy a bookshelf.

My aim was to purchase a bookshelf with as little nuisance as possible. I decided to peep into stores right from the sitting room, the solution was none other than online shopping. After a lot of browsing and surfing, I was able to settle for small bookshelf made in Sheesham. It was some Rs 7,500 and looked antique. I was taken by its beauty but scared to…

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