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I am a curious mind who like to explore a lot; I see this world as a pleasing place to be in. Life pushed me hard, making me see things with the new perspective that I like penning down, humour is my armour, sympathy and patience are my strength and my weakness, I am a good listener and try to help others.

I am imaginative and creative, I always try to find new ideas, and try to apply them. I am a good listener and possess some emotional intelligence; I like to support people. I am basically the complex person, with a lot of thoughts running amok in my mind. I am not very strong-willed, and usually lazy, but I am determined in my actions and keep strong opinions. Things always don’t go my way, so I decided to take one day at a time and try not to keep any goals but follow my heart.

I keep trying my hand at new things, and I can Quill expertly, I love making flowers from those colourful strips. You can call me a Jack of all Trades, as I can make several kinds of arts. My love for writing is the gift from my beloved father. This blog was started with the inspiration an insistence from a couple of friends, but now it is my passion, and I love to blog.

I am a total movie buff, love watching English movies especially, Music is in my soul, and I love both Hindi and English music, but old Hindi songs are my weakness. I love to read, be it books or blogs, though biographies and newspapers are not my cups of tea, I love fiction and literature mostly. Colourful things attract me; My favourite is Blues in all its Hues.

I hope my readers like to read what I post and enjoy their time on QUILLNPARCHMENT.




Hi, I am Kalpana Vogeti, a homemaker, a mother of two and a blogger (not a successful one though or say “yet” 😊).  Writing happened to me accidentally, but I firmly believe it was predestined. The cosmos has already conspired to let this meeting happen between you, me and everyone who have their presence in this blogging space.  So here I am.

  I write to express my emotions, I write to communicate with the world, I write to find solace within myself, I write to find myself.
  On this note I would also like to declare what I write about – I don’t categorise my work under any particular genre, fiction, poetry, real life incidents, inspirations, politics, travel and what not.
Hope you enjoy my work and never regret visiting my blog😀
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