Half A Dream

The night of half moon is half gone
Hopefully, what we have to say is not half left unsaid
This rendezvous halved
My dearest, half, unfulfilled is the language of love
Therefore, let your desires are half relinquished
The eyes are half downcast
The lashes too are half closed his rain halF a drizzle
This rain half a drizzle
How long shall this hope remain half
Shall this thirst never be quenched?
The breeze is thirst, the sky is parched
The caravan of stars if halved as well
The melody on Lord’s flute is half
His own love was left incomplete
Eyes are half bloomed, Lips are half wet
The wish to be one with you forever is half still
My love is half of a dream
Complete it my Love
My cravings are half complete
Realise them, Baby
My Passion is half Realised
Take it to finale Honey
My story with you is not Final
Give it a Happy Ending my Darling
My desires are half Ended
Take them to the sky Sweetheart
My sky is not Starlit
Be my moon my Beloved
My moon needs a Night
Be that Night my Lady
My Night needs a Sunrise
Be my Sun my Sweets
My Sunny days need Rains
Rain on me endlessly my Angel
Be Mine Be Mine Be MINE


Soulful Rendezvous

You are smiling, tell me the pain you are hiding?
You have a tearful smile on your Lips
You are Pining on the inside of this facade
Your tears will turn to poison, the tears you swallow silently
These wounds healed by time, why you peel them again
Some things are Destined, You have lost to Destiny
No one can justify being alone,
The one that was yours is another’s today
Why this happens, why was this bound to happen
Is the world is such? Why is it such then?
If you hold my hand once, I will hold yours forever
My heart will beat inside your chest
Where there is Love, why is there such vast distance
Someone has not left this deserted home
Someone still knocks on the depleted heart
Why he gives hope to a shattered soul
The downcast eyes are holding turbulent storms
There is some heat in the embers of the blazing fire
Count the beats of your youthful heart once
Tell me, isn’t it as restless as mine?
The one moment when Love gains Maturity
Aren’t you hopeful for that solitary moment in time
I deny the world, for your sake
Do you have that kind is faith in yourself?

Life Was Not All Ashes

Life was not all ashes, yet it was spent turning to dust
How might I have spoken of the hardships I endured attempting to get to you?
The day passed away in the wake of someone’s memory
Evening came, and passed away showing a aching dream
The passing years yearned for better days
The time was such that I passed away bearing your fancies
The life which has the delight of having you foreordained
It knows how to keep promises, so I held on to you
Over there, life is, another name for indulgence
Yet, I strolled a long way to there with a desire
The night seeped in the midst of the whispering of loneliness
It was a dead silence yet I crossed it with words on my lips
The spaces of my heart often get startled
Whose voice would it say it was? Also, whom did it fade away calling?

Oh ! Pristine Love….

They say Love can’t be seen. They say Wrong. I have seen Love. He is very handsome. He looks like a Royalty.
They say Love is Blind. They are Wrong. Love is all seeing. It can see the smiles and the tears in my eyes without even really seeing me. It can see like a scanner right through me. Like I am made of glass. Love has keen eyes.
They say Love is Deaf and Dumb. They say Wrong. Love has the most delicious voice, and it speaks the most beautiful language. Love talks soothingly when I am sad, it laughs when I crack jokes. It hears loud and clear. It can hear the pain I am hiding, the mischief I did.
They say Love Can’t be Touched. They say Wrong. I have touched him. He has the silkiest skin and most tender touch.
They say Love isn’t Tangible. They are Wrong. Love can be felt in the heart, it can exist in the soul, it can reside in mind.
They say Love has no Fragrance. They say Wrong. Love smells like Damp Earth, like Petrichor. I have Sniffed him. He has the scent of First Rain, of Sandalwood, of Rajnigandha.
They say Love is Madness. They are Wrong. Love is wisest of them all. He has the Wisdom of an Old man, the Innocence of a Child and the Determination of Youth.
They say Love doesn’t know Right from Wrong. They are Wrong. Love knows it all. But he is too pure to Judge. He is too unconditional to favour the Rights and abandon the Wrongs. He Embraces both with equal Affection.
They say Love is Aimless. They say Wrong. Love shows the Path always. Love guides with Knowledge, Love Inspires with Passion, Love Leads when we are too scared to take a step forward.
They say Love Cages. They are Wrong. Love sets a Free. It gives Wings. It offers a new horizon for us to open our wings and fly high. Love releases our Fears. It breaks the chains stopping us from taking the Leap of Faith.
They say Love is Pain. They say Wrong. It ends all misery and ends all pain. It brings a calm and peace never felt before. It is the proof that one soul can live in two bodies.
What is Life without you, my Love
They have no flavour, the dry Nights
Don’t go, can’t do without you
Don’t go, I won’t find another
What is a Monsoon without you
Oh ! My Beloved, I call out to you
These pale nights won’t go by
Without you…..Moon isn’t Silver
Sun is just dust, Withered Trees
Moist eyes, teary eyes, distressed soul
Oh, listen to my soulmate
Always be in love/live in love
Oh pristine love, don’t ever wake up
Don’t ever let your feet touch the ground
If you ever look into my eyes
Your eyes tell me a story
Which, though never comes on your lips!


You Were Mine…

The day we parted ways
Neither of us shed any tears
But neither of us slept that night
The Shadow of Moonlight kept us up since then
You were my companion
You walked with me, but there was no Harmony
Through the Sunshine and the Shade, we walked
There was no Estrangement Yet
There was animosity, Indifference and anguish but,
There was everything, but there was no Infidelity
The Kohl you put in my eyes was too Rough to Bear
My eyes hold you in them, they can hold none else
Your eyes kept my song at the time of Parting
But that song was never sung aloud, never told


Till Death Do Us Apart….

His memory followed me even when he moved on
It was after me even though I had pushed him away
It was tracing my footsteps through the barren lands
It was sneaking up on me from behind trees and rocks in those forests
It was lurking out at the most ungodly hours in the snow-capped mountain peaks
It was chasing me to the sand dunes; it waited near the oasis to quench his thirst
He was hunting me down like a deer caught in headlights
He was pursuing me through the deep dark caves under the Earth
He was tracking me down to the waterfalls of Niagara
He was walking down to my trail and reaching out to me as I break down, not letting me rise
He wanted me to be back, his memory not letting me find a hideaway
He wanted me somehow, his reminiscence making me trip every time I move on
His words coming back from the past to haunt me
His touch still spreading its arms, ambushing me unawares
I sat there and cried, wailed, shouted, threw stones at him, asking him to leave me alone. The wind blowing hard on my face, chilling me to the bone. My hair was scattered all around me as I gathered some loose strands and tucked them behind my ear. I Heard him then. His voice howled with the wind right in my ear as I closed my eyes. It was like he is sitting next to me, startled I opened my eyes and saw him, he was sitting right in front of me.
He just smiled, held my hand, looked into my eyes, and told me “I won’t leave you, I am here for life. You have left me, but I won’t leave you. My memory will chase you to the ends of this Earth. I will live inside you till the end of Time. You can’t hide from me; I will never let go. You know why? Because I live in each breath you take, I survive in your thoughts; I feed on your soul, I drink the blood of your heart, I get stronger with each tear you shed. I am here for a lifetime, remember the promise” he said with an ashen face as I looked transfixed into those mystical eyes.
“Yes”, I told him. I remember it; I remember the promise “we will live in each other, we will never be apart, nothing separates us but death”….. I said that to his memory as he smiled and vanished into a puff of smoke, drifting with fog. I buried my face in my knees, wrapping my hands around me, wanting to feel safe and secure, and repeated those words “nothing separates us but death, nothing separates us but death, nothing separates us but death”.
I removed the blades I wore in around my neck and held one to my wrist. My hands trembled, my breath caught in my throat, my heart beating hard like a drum, my mouth went dry and throat parched. His voice came in my ear “Do it”. I closed my eyes, steeled my heart, stopped breathing and drew the blade across my wrist. The blood splashed across the floor. The pain seared through me, scourging my being. And I saw you, your face in the blood that pooled around me. With every drop that flowed you drained from my body. It was getting quieter, peaceful, sleepy. What a relief to have exorcised you from my soul. I smiled in contentment before all thoughts left me and I slept in the lap of my free soul. Unburdened of the promise we made, I kept it, baby, I kept my promise love. Nothing separates us but Death.


Love Lingers

All I have left of you, Is your Scent
Of all the sweet moments Spent

The fragrance that has infused my breath
This Essence of First Love, is coming off you
This chronology started the very same day
When you touched me for the very first time

The waves that were made in my naive heart
Are still making storms inside my presence
My heart has paid in full, Dreaming of you
Come, my Love, listen what it has to say

You have awakened those cold fires within me
Quench this strange thirst in my parched soul
The eyes will say it all to you, everything unsaid
Unspoken desire of my being are shimmering in them

You smile softly, making me go weak in my knees
My heartbeat is wavering with each breath
All I have left of you, Is your Scent
Of all the sweet moments Spent


When Heart Talks…

The loneliness of skies reflected in my heart
Walk into my life, surrender your life and make my music
Be my soulmate, make Love Eternal
Everything I loved was snatched away
They won it all; I lost it all
Lose your heart to me, Let me win this once
Let my song live forever on your Lips
Far away in Horizons, the evening turns to a shy bride
My dreams are lit by your thoughts
My heavy eyes are full of water
Each breath is a sigh, an Agony
Just then, someone stirs my Heart
Touched by you, Didn’t see You
I am still lost in the evening, Spent in your Embrace
You Promised “Never will be Apart, Never will be Two Hearts.”
You call me Infidel; I took all your Pain, I Pine for you now
Don’t be so intoxicated by Ick, Think of me, Think of me
I am a Fire, Stay away, Steer Clear
Don’t be swayed by Love; It is Insanity
The Flame burns her Lover, The Moths of Passion
The Flame warns her Lover, The Moths Never Heed
Flowers always bloom, some are to be Withered
You and Me were bound to Love; You won’t find me again
The Foilage of Autumn, Won’t Blossom in Spring
Once they are gone, those Dusks and Dawns, those Nights and Twilights
This is the lesson of Life, Love and Parting
I am the Poetess of the Moment
I am here; I will be gone too
Just like the Youth, Just like the Innocence


Love Potion

I know you’re Rare
I am ready to take this Dare

I want you, you’re Exquisite
But I have my own Prerequisite

We are the most Intricate Pattern
Be my Sun, My Moon, My Saturn

You decided to be Unendurable
Then just know I too ain’t Curable

Agreed that your Magnificent
But you know me, The Maleficient

Why Impossible to Untangle
Come Fight me, Wrangle

Sharp eyes, Piercing Gaze
Intense Puzzle, Harrowing Maze

Excruciating Perfection
Torturous Seduction

I will drink this Love Potion
Break and Shatter all your Notion

Let it go down my Throat, Poison my Veins
Let it Infiltrate my Blood, Loosen the Reins

No good will come from Fearing
Come, I am ready for this Searing

We will both rise again from the Ashes
From it a new Dawn, a new Sun Flashes


Hey You…

Like a Snake on Sandalwood, to you, I Cling
Why is this Madness, what is this Thing
Is it turning to Love? I wanted just Fling
But now I am Happy, I Dance and Sing

You’re my cake and my Cherry, My Icing
If I am a Phoenix, then you’re my Wing
You’re what I Need, you add that Zing
Of Rose and Of Guns, The Love Bite Sting

Message me na baby, gimme a Ping
Just asking for a Call, not a Diamond Ring
You’re different every Moment, Some Mood Swing
Baby, I am your Queen, You’re my King